How to Get More Likes on Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger or budding photographer, Instagram can help you reach a wider audience while providing a bit of entertainment or enlightenment during the day. By maintaining an active and engaging account, you can quickly build an online presence that will continue to attract more people—and therefore more likes.

Follow our five tips below, and you’ll gain more likes in no time!

1. Create Eye-catching Original Content

Instagram is a visual platform. If you’re new to photography or digital media, it helps to understand some of the basics, like interesting angles and compositions, to set yourself apart from more generic content. Aim for posting only high-quality content, and refrain from posting too many pictures of the same thing.

When in doubt, check out what others in your niche are posting and keep up to date with what's trending. You may not be on a romantic getaway in Rome, but a simple selfie on the couch may fetch just as many likes.


2. Leverage Popular Hashtags and Memes

Using hashtags lets you easily join popular social movements in seconds, while making it easier for new people to find and like your posts. Classic Instagram tags like #TBT (Throwback Thursday) not only let you join in on a social game, but it shows you’re interested in actively participating.

Memes are a seemingly daily occurrence—whatever happens, to be viral and trending at any given time. Re-post relevant memes for a good laugh, or create your own to attract new followers.


3. Engage the Community

Are you a travel enthusiast, videographer or another kind of digital content creator? Follow others in your niche! Following like-minded people can help you cultivate fans within that community, generate traction for your posts, and more likes! You can even see what your fans are interested in based on the photos they like.

Don’t forget to tag friends and followers using the “@” symbol before their name. Photos with friends are popular, and if you tag them, you may get the bonus of attracting their friends and family to like your photos as well.


4. Know the Best Time to Post

In some ways, when you post a photo is just as important as what you post. Do your research into optimal posting times for maximum user engagement. People often browse when they’re tired in the evening or bored at work during the day. The best posting times for Instagram are out-of-work hours, during lunch (11am-1pm) and in the evening (7pm-9pm). Try and avoid posting on weekends, although this is highly dependent on your audience and may work for some businesses.


5. Partner with Popular Influencers

If building a dedicated following is proving difficult, consider partnering with a social media influencer. There’s a prominent influencer for everything—from fashion and food to music, home décor and luxury cars. Plus, studies have shown influencer marketing increases your return on investment (ROI) by 11x.

Influencers can reach millions of followers, and while not all of them will take notice, the chance that an influencer will increase your visibility is much higher than trying to build an audience from scratch.


Do you Need Help Getting More Likes?

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