A Quick Guide on How to Create Effective Instagram Ads

Instagram recently surged to 700 million active monthly users, doubling its user base in just two years. Considering that’s twice the size of Twitter and Snapchat’s audience, it’s no surprise that over a million advertisers are active on the photo-sharing platform. By using Instagram ads, you can market to a huge pool of potential customers interested in your product or service, but how can you create effective Instagram ad campaigns?


How to Create the Perfect Instagram Feed for Your Business

What does your business Instagram feed look like? Is it cluttered with mismatched photos of the owner’s dog, staff parties and coffee breaks? While your personal feed can be silly and irreverent, your business one needs to be laser focused and give off a good first impression. So, how do you create the perfect Instagram feed for your business?

Instagram Likes

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

If you’re posting on Instagram but struggling to gain traction, Our 5 top tips will quickly help you build an online presence, growing your Instagram account to continue to attract more people, more engagement and more likes.

How to Build a Following on Instagram

Having grown to over 400 million monthly active users, with no signs of slowing down, Instagram taps into our endless craving for visual stimuli & plays on our short attention span. But, how do you grow an active following on Instagram?

How to Choose the Right #Hashtags

How to Choose the Right #Hashtags

How do you choose the right hashtags for your business? Not all hashtags are equal & businesses need to choose their hashtags wisely but where do you start with researching and does social channel make a difference to how hashtags are used?

How to Use Instagram LIVE!

How to Use Instagram LIVE!

While live video is relatively new, it has become a popular marketing tool for savvy businesses. Facebook states that engagement is three times higher for live video than pre-recorded, so it comes as no surprise that companies have been quick to use live video as part of their marketing strategy.