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PR has traditionally been the domain of larger businesses and usually goes hand-in-hand with large, monthly retainers and without really knowing what you're getting in return for the investment. The value and benefits of PR are equally as important for startups, entrepreneurs, personal brands and smaller businesses and it's our goal to make digital PR accessible to everyone who has the ambition and appetite to GROW!

Using our established and nurtured network of journalists and other key media professionals, we can help your brand, products and services get noticed by pitching it for you and presenting you with the opportunities relevant to your business.
You only pay for the opportunities you feel are useful.

How we help...

Professionally Written Press Releases

The heart of the PR world, having a professionally written press release which does your brand justice is the difference between being noticed and going to the bottom of the pile! Tone of voice, key messages and image selection are all included as standard so you can make the right first impression. Our professionally written press releases come ready to publish and to be sent to your media contacts... but they're not a one-trick pony! Our cross-channel and multi-industry experience allows us to write SEO optimised copy which when published, can also help you rise up in the search results while also providing the all-important backlink to your website which is what Google and other search engines are looking for as trust and authority indicators.

Press Release Distribution Network

We know what specific publications, journalists, publishers and other media professionals are looking for and ensure your press releases not only tell a good story but more importantly, focus on the right angle for the right media outlet. A good pitch is what gets you noticed and that's exactly what we do, BUT, what use is the perfect press release if it's not seen by the right people? A well-positioned and thought out press release will not only land you good mentions in the press and media but also opens up other amazing opportunities for your business, such as interviews, reviews, features, product placement, competitions and other campaigns. We know who the best people and outlets are for your brand and how to get it in front of them - press release distribution to the right network is key!

Commentary & Newsjacking

Ever wondered how people get featured as experts or thought leaders in news articles? Journalists and publishers are always looking for expert commentary on topical news pieces, whether it's a quick question, needing an opposing view for balance or a full interview. By constantly monitoring the feeds and wires, we ensure that any relevant opportunities are quickly picked-up for you to decide whether you would like to contribute or not. Don't allow your competitors to constantly outshine you and have your expertise displayed alongside other thought leaders in top tier press. Increase your authority, trust score and grow your online presence, business or personal brand based on your area of expertise.

Product Reviews

Getting your products into top tier press titles and grabbing the attention of influencers is often considered the holy grail of product-based marketing and PR. There are constant requests to feature products in category reviews, top lists/listicals, roundups and other features. We ensure any opportunities are not missed. We will put together a tailored release, create an influencer & media hit list and generally do all the mountain-top shouting about your product so you don't have to. Creating a buzz about your product for the media and social media influencers is what we do, and we do it very, very well!

Influencer Management & Marketing

Finding influencers, both on and off social media is an absolute minefield. From major celebrities to micro or even nano-influencers, finding a good fit (and ones that work) is no mean feat. Get it right, and your brand, product or service will be right in front of your target audience, helping you gain almost immediate exponential exposure. Putting an influencer strategy together which is relevant to your goals is crucial as is understanding and defining your target audience. Engagement is key, so ensuring a good fit will make a or break any influencer collaboration. We don't just stop at Instagram posts either, we will always recommend other potential opportunities across social media depending on your product and business goals. From running lives, or Tik Tok video bursts to LinkedIn webinars or running rooms in Clubhouse, our campaigns are not only relevant but effective! Whatever we do, it's still fundamentally about forming relationships to build awareness for longer-term results and we're there to help make that happen. We manage the relationships with all our influencers, from pitching through to follow-up and will always make recommendations on the type of content and post which will be most relevant and impactful for your you.

Content Creation & Scheduling

Most brands have a love-hate relationship with content, in that they love good content but hate creating it! We understand. it's hard coming up with ideas and then trying to create the masterpiece based on the vision you had in your mind - it's tough. We know. And, it needs to be done regularly so your customers don't forget about you. Our creative team work closely with all our experts and specialists to ensure that every post is aligned with your brand's vision, tone of voice and values in order to deliver content which is engaging so your followers grow in line with your sales! The very first task is always understanding your business objectives and goals so we can put together an effective content strategy, followed by key audience profiling - only then do we begin creating content. We understand that for many, social media is often the first place they go, even before your company website so making the right impression from the get-go is crucial. All content is scheduled, allowing for ample time to review, provide feedback and to make amends if needed - you can even use our scheduler for your own content too. If required, we can also arrange or work with other third parties such as photographers and video producers.

Some of our Media Partners

The Sunday Times Magazine"
Good Housekeeping"
Woman and Home"
Observer Food Monthly"
Great British Food"
Good to Know"
Country Living"
Bite Magazine"
Delicious Magazine"

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Don’t just take our word for it, Here’s what our clients think!

Thank you for making it so easy! We love seeing all the fresh content you produce and having it all scheduled while still allowing us to review and change when needed – We’ve learned soooo much!

Lucía Ruiz López Marketing Manager at Clarion Events

We are working hard to refine our online marketing and BabbleHub is really helping us get to grips with our social media and content. Thank you!

Louise Caswell Group Marketing Manager at SAGE Publishing

Managing Social Media at a national level is no mean feat. Our localised ads have exceeded expectations by not only reaching more people but actually increasing footfall with specific dealerships! We’re glad we were recommended BabbleHub and have found the whole experience refreshing.

Stephen Franklyn Brand / Marketing Manager for BMW

How does one make wealth management and FinTech exciting? No idea, but BabbleHub just made it happen, effortlessly!

Gail Glennie Marketing Director for Downing Wealth Management

What’s the point of creating exciting, adrenaline-filled content if no one sees it??? BabbleHub has increased our reach and brand-recall exponentially. Happy? We’re ecstatic!

Victoria Lloyd Communications Manager for Red Bull Racing