How to Improve Social Media Engagement

How to Improve Social Media Engagement

Get the Most out of your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the realm of social media marketing, simply creating fresh and inspiring content isn’t enough. You need to develop content that people can engage and interact with. By improving engagement across your social media channels, you can drive trust, boost brand awareness and increase the likelihood of retaining customers extended periods of time.

Creating engaging content can be challenging. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make it a little easier. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your social media engagement.

Ask Good Questions

Asking questions has always been an effective conversation starter, and that same logic applies to social media as well. Humans have a subconscious reflex that causes us to stop and consider questions when we see them.


Because we like answers and we like to be heard. Posing interesting questions to your followers can be used to gather opinions and poll for feedback. It can bring users together and foster a sense of community, especially if their answers are put to use in a meaningful way later on and will benefit your followers.


Run Fun Contests

Contests have always been a popular way to attract and engage audiences. The premise of competing to win a prize is a compelling lure that can garner plenty of buzz for you and your business.

Some ideas include scavenger hunts, photo caption contests and random comment giveaways. An easy contest to implement on Facebook is a voting promotion. Ask followers to submit photos to your Facebook page and have the audience “like” their favourite one. You’ll not only get some surprisingly hilarious results, but your engagement levels will soar as people compete to become the contest winner. Do your research and investigate thoroughly before running a contest as they can come with strict legal regulations and restrictions.


Use Interesting Images

When it comes to content engagement, images are appealing and easy to digest. Interesting images can captivate users and increase click-through rates, while images with text have been proven to grab and hold attention faster than simple text.

On Facebook, images generate 53% more likes than text-based content. Like any content, the more value you can provide with an image, the more likely you’ll engage and attract

new users. Use pictures to deliver inspirational quotes, illustrate step-by-step guides, and visualise common problems and solutions.


Create Content That’s Timely

Tap into current events to create content that’s relatable and relevant.

It could be the latest meme that’s floating around the internet, a memorable scene from Stranger Things or a reference to the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Online marketing tends to gravitate towards holidays and pop culture. By leveraging current events, you can draw from a pre-existing fan base to attract new followers and like-minded users, boosting engagement levels in the process.


Post at the Right Time of Day

No matter how creative or original your content is, you stand a chance to lose huge chunks of viewers if you publish at the wrong time of day. The day of the week and the hour of the day are crucial elements for generating the best engagement possible.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn each have an ideal time of day to publish content. However, the more specific your audience, the more you need to consider a suitable time of day. Marketing to international users is different than targeting people in your local area.

An excellent way to understand the right time of day for you to publish content is to look at the data and analytics of each social media platform you use. Take advantage of built-in business tools, such as Facebook’s social analytics, to find the peak hours of activity among your followers.


Get the Most out of your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creativity is the fuel for driving engagement and piquing curiosity. Improve your social media engagement by exploring different ideas, tracking your metrics and publishing valuable content.

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