5 Ways to Have an Endless List of Social Media Posts

5 Ways to Have an Endless List of Social Media Posts

How to Create a Constant Stream of Social Media Content

All too often, businesses burn out quickly in the race to generate clever and creative social media posts. You may have started with a long list, but once the well dries up, it can be challenging to find something new and exciting to write about. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to overcome writer's block and create valuable social media posts on a regular basis.

Top Content Tips for Social Media

Use the following tips, and you can generate new social media posts forever.

1. Poll your Customers

Rather than scrounging for new ideas that will entice and captivate readers, why not ask your followers what they’d like to see more of? Surveys are an easy way to poll your user base for ideas. But something even easier is simply asking your audience directly on any of your social media channels.

Encourage your customers to leave comments by posing a direct question at the end of every social media post. Ask users for their opinions and thoughts regarding a certain topic in your industry. You might be surprised by the results, and you’ll be able to create an assortment of articles, blog posts and social media content related to their feedback.

After you’ve exhausted one topic, you can ask another question and repeat the process.

2. Observe Trending Hashtags

The internet cycles through trending hashtags on a daily (if not hourly) basis. By integrating popular hashtags into your social media content, you not only stand a chance to pick up additional traffic from each hashtag, but you also have an endless array of ideas to choose from.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly rotate trending hashtags. Can you use any of them in your next social media post?

3. Leverage Blog Content

Whether you’re blogging directly on LinkedIn or you’ve incorporated a blog on your website, utilising popular blog posts is a great way to leverage existing content onto your social media channels.

Running a regular blog requires time and dedication, but even if you publish one article a week, your blog can be mined for highlights and insight that can be used numerous times on social media. On Twitter and Facebook, you can tease information from your blog to generate click-throughs and additional followers.

Valuable blog posts are much more likely to be shared by other users on social media, too, making a consistent blog a worthy investment.

4. Use Quora for New Ideas

Quora is an excellent way to quickly discover the issues that puzzle your user base. By following topics that are relevant to your field, you’ll be able to see common questions and answers made by Quora users. You can use each one as a key point that you explore deeper in a blog post or article.

Some questions are silly and lighthearted, while others are more serious. Depending on the tone you’ve set in your social media accounts, you can either keep it fun or you can set yourself up as a thought leader in your particular field.

5. Run a Weekly Roundup

When in doubt, collect popular articles, posts and content from the previous week and run a highlight reel over the weekend. You can draw from your own content, or you can curate content from across the industry that reflects your brand’s knowledge and awareness of current events.

Not only is a weekly roundup a great way to revive old content and gain additional exposure, but it’s a tried-and-true method for creating something new by using something old. Want to fill in the Saturday and Sunday social media gap but don’t feel the drive to create new content? A weekly roundup is a perfect solution.

Never Run out of Social Media Ideas

Creating social media content might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy to find and generate ideas for your next batch of posts. With a social media marketing calendar, you can map out the content you’ll create and publish for months—if not years—in advance. Plan ahead and you’ll never run out of ideas to talk about.

What are some ways you generate ideas for social media posts?

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