A Quick Guide on How to Create Effective Instagram Ads

How to Create Instagram Ads

How to Create Instagram Ads

Instagram recently surged to 700 million active monthly users, doubling its user base in just two years. Considering that’s twice the size of Twitter and Snapchat’s audience, it’s no surprise that over a million advertisers are active on the photo-sharing platform.

By using Instagram ads, you can market to a huge pool of potential customers interested in your product or service. The platform provides you with the ability to target specific demographics, track video views and website clicks, and engage your audience directly from each post.

If you haven’t already incorporated Instagram into your marketing strategy, now is the time. To get started, take a look at our quick guide below to creating Instagram ads.

Why should you use Instagram ads?

Instagram ads let you find and target users that are already interested in what your business provides. The platform allows you to quickly communicate your brand’s image and voice, which builds awareness and increases engagement. You can also add links to your ads which help users find your store, website or mobile app with the tap of a finger.

If that’s not reason enough, know that Instagram ads are easy to create and manage.

How to Create an Instagram Ad Using Facebook Ads Manager

Instagram AdsFacebook Ads Manager is the basic tool for optimising and targeting your advertising efforts through Instagram. If you’re more experienced and need to manage multiple campaigns, Power Editor is better suited, as this is targeted for larger advertisers. Read on to see how you can set up your first Instagram Ad using Facebook Ads Manager.

#1. Create a Facebook ad account and a Facebook Page. An Instagram account isn’t necessary to run Instagram ads (although it’s highly recommended). However, you do need a Facebook account if you don’t have one already.

#2. Connect your Instagram account. Without an Instagram account, you won’t be able to respond to comments on your ad and users won’t be able to click on your profile name. Your Facebook business page will instead act as the voice for your Instagram ads.

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook by going to “Settings” on your Facebook Page, then select “Instagram Ads.” Select “Add an Account” and enter your Instagram account information. You can create a new Instagram account directly within Facebook, so you might as well sign up if you don’t have one!

#3. Choose an ad type. Select an objective for your ad (either increase conversions, mobile app installations, video views or website visits), then determine the type of ad you’d like to run. There are three main types of Instagram ads to select:

- Image: A classic Instagram photo ad.

- Video: The same as an image ad but with a video up to 30 seconds long.

- Carousel: A series of browsable images.

Creating Instagram Ads
Instagram Carousel Ads

#4. Target a specific audience. During the creation process, you’ll be asked to determine an audience for your ad. Options include location, age, gender, interests and language. Facebook provides a gauge that shows you how broad or narrow your target audience is, with an estimate of the daily reach your ad will have on Facebook and Instagram. This way you can tweak your preferences until the right settings and reach potential are dialled in.

#5. Set your ad budget and scheduling parameters. After you have selected your ideal demographics, it’s time to set your ad budget and schedule how often you want your ad to run.

Facebook offers recommendations depending on your ad’s objective, or you can choose to select this manually. You will either be charged for impressions (CPM) or clicks (CPC). For example, if you look to optimise your ad for website visits, you may want to select CPC so you are only charged each time someone actually clicks on your link.

#6. Create Your ad and Review Performance. Now it’s time to show your creative side. There are two different placement locations available on Instagram for your ad- Ads in Feed and Ads in stories. Make sure you follow the recommended design requirements to create high-quality ads.

Once your Instagram ad is up and running, make sure you review insights to see how your ad is performing.

What Should your Ad Look Like?

Instagram is a visual-oriented platform. Bright, colourful and captivating images are ideal for drawing attention and generating clicks.

Similarly, any videos should be short, interesting and concise. Consider placing hashtags and copy directly in your image or video as this tends to be more enticing than a regular photograph.

After settling on a good photo, add a call to action and some relevant hashtags. Do you want users to check out your website or app? Do you want them to tag a friend or use a specific hashtag in their photos? Whichever action you want users to make, keep your message succinct and let the image do most of the talking.

Show off your Creative Side

Create Instagram ads that are fun, relevant and inspirational. By doing this you’ll be able to attract new customers from a rapidly expanding user base. With Instagram ads, you can seamlessly weave your advertising campaigns into each user’s daily feed.

Catch their eye just once, and you may have a new customer for life.

If all this sounds a little too daunting or you're still not sure how to get the best out of Instagram ad campaigns, speak to BabbleHub TODAY for a FREE consultation

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