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BabbleHub are Social Media Marketing and Management Specialists for Brands and Business

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increase brand awareness, build trust and sell more!

What BabbleHub Offers

Results. Results. Results!

Everything we do is monitored, tracked and optimised at every step to ensure you’re getting the results your business needs!

Our social media content producers do extensive industry & hashtag research, as well as competitor, comparator & trend analysis to ensure your scheduled content has maximum reach and engagement. Digital marketing campaigns are built around specific goals with all the necessary audience profiling and technical setup and our Digital PR experts constantly pitch your brand, product and services to relevant journalists and other media publications for local and national media coverage – definitely something you will want to shout about!

Short of it all is, you’re getting results!

Affordable Digital Marketing

All our services and packages are specifically tailored for businesses and brands looking to grow and scale-up.

We understand the financial squeeze felt by smaller businesses and start-ups which is why we always recommend a session with one of our growth specialists to put together a prioritised plan and strategy taking into account your business goals and objectives. Not all businesses have the budget for a big-bang approach to digital marketing so it’s important to start right and scale-up the digital activity on the back of results.

Don’t see a suitable package, just get in touch and we can help you understand what can be done within your budget and set realistic expectations.

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How else can we help?

Digital Consultancy

BabbleHub offers expert consultancy on all aspects of your digital strategy and online presence.

Completely designed around your needs and requirements, our consultancy packages can range from providing social media engagement strategies, editorial guidance, social listening and social media crisis management.

Social Media Training

Are you managing your social media in-house, but need a helping hand in training or building a successful social media team? BabbleHub is happy to provide workshops and social media training to small or large groups, either as part of an on-going package, or as stand-alone consultancy.

Social Listening

BabbleHub’s social media specialists can scale social listening to your brand’s needs, monitoring brand mentions in all the countries you operate. We can provide support to your own social media manager, in-house teams, or support you with individual initiatives.

Social Media Monitoring & Reporting

Using the top industry social data gathering tools, BabbleHub track keywords, sentiment, competitors and topics. Combining specialist analytical skills with social media know-how, we are able to alert brands & organisations to potential issues and deliver regular accurate reporting.

Social Media Consultancy
BabbleHub the Social Media Specialists

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What do our clients think?

Thank you for making it so easy! We love seeing all the fresh content you produce and having it all scheduled while still allowing us to review and change when needed – We’ve learned soooo much!

Lucía Ruiz López Marketing Manager at Clarion Events

We are working hard to refine our online marketing and BabbleHub is really helping us get to grips with our social media and content. Thank you!

Louise Caswell Group Marketing Manager at SAGE Publishing

Managing Social Media at a national level is no mean feat. Our localised ads have exceeded expectations by not only reaching more people but actually increasing footfall with specific dealerships! We’re glad we were recommended BabbleHub and have found the whole experience refreshing.

Stephen Franklyn Brand / Marketing Manager for BMW

How does one make wealth management and FinTech exciting? No idea, but BabbleHub just made it happen, effortlessly!

Gail Glennie Marketing Director for Downing Wealth Management

What’s the point of creating exciting, adrenaline-filled content if no one sees it??? BabbleHub has increased our reach and brand-recall exponentially. Happy? We’re ecstatic!

Victoria Lloyd Communications Manager for Red Bull Racing

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