5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts

5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts

5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts

It’s 2018, and Facebook still dominates the social media spectrum. The house that Zuckerberg built is the reigning champ of social networks, making it a pivotal entry point for both businesses and individuals that seek to add social media marketing to their agenda.

However, simply creating a Facebook page for your business or posting every other morning is no longer enough. Tens of thousands of companies vie to be seen by as many Facebook users as possible. When it comes to reaching the largest audience, you need to start by sprucing up your Facebook posts.

Fortunately, there are strategies for improving Facebook posts that can provide immediate results. Check out the following list of tips and give them a try. You’ll be adding new subscribers in no time.

1. Create a content roadmap

Have you ever travelled without an itinerary? It’s doable, but you might end up spending more just wandering around than if you’d planned each night’s accommodation out. The same logic applies to movies and commercials that need a storyboard. A good content roadmap ensures your Facebook posts are organised, efficient and valuable.


Without a content roadmap, you’ll be wandering around in the dark. A roadmap gives you and your team a calendar of the content that needs to be published, the timing for each post, and the meaning behind your message. It also ensures consistency—a big factor when it comes to attracting new followers.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Using strategic #hashtags on Facebook is a great way to capture additional viewers by propelling your posts along the currents of trending topics. You can quickly create and spark conversations by directing your posts into a trending hashtag topic. Consider your market, your target audience and the hashtags that are associated with similar brands. Limit your hashtags to 1-2 per post.

3. Pictures speak louder than words

Every Facebook post should have a visual attached to it. Why? Content that includes compelling images averages almost 100% more views than Facebook posts without visuals. Humans are visual creatures, after all, meaning most of us are much more likely to click on a visual (or at least stop to read one) than we would read a wall of text or even a few promotional sentences.


Visuals are enticing because they can communicate large amounts of information without us needing to stop and read. Consider what you’re posting and either add a graphic that’s related to your topic or create an original image based on the message you’re trying to convey.

4. Avoid online traffic

The highest traffic on Facebook occurs on weekdays between 1-3pm. But just like in the real world, you should try to avoid rush hour at all costs. Even the best Facebook posts can be swept up into the digital current, never to be noticed again.


Publish during the hours that advertisers are more likely to avoid. Rather than a mid-day post, publish content around 5-6pm, right as people leave work and begin their commute home. In fact, 7 pm is considered the sweet spot for driving the most clicks per post.

5. Ask enticing questions

Asking a question in your Facebook post is a great way not only to get people thinking but increase the likelihood that they’ll leave a comment—thereby generating a (hopefully) meaningful discussion. Surveys for Facebook allow you to conduct polls and learn more about your followers—handy information when applied appropriately. Both polls and questions promote your brand, as they encourage visitors to comment and share. The more people that see your question, the bigger the conversation you can have.


Increase traffic with better Facebook posts

Facebook generates a tremendous amount of web traffic at any given time. With billions of users worldwide, the largest audience is at your fingertips. But to reach them, you’ll need to compete with online marketers that excel at bite-sized bits of brilliance. However, by leveraging the methods in this article, you can improve your Facebook posts and generate more traffic to your page.

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