5 Ways to Effectively Engage Your Twitter Audience

5 Ways to Effectively Engage Your Twitter Audience

5 Ways to Effectively Engage Your Twitter Audience

Since it’s conception 11 years ago, Twitter has become a heavyweight contender in the age of social media, defining a generation of hashtaggers and the everlasting 140-character haiku. As with most social media, there’s an underlying art to tweeting.

So, whether you’re a business extending your online visibility, a blogger looking to reach a larger audience, or just curious how to become the next Twitter in Chief, knowing how to engage your audience effectively will set you apart from your fellow tweeters.


1. Add Personality to Your Profile

Your personality is what makes you you, even online. Being honest and genuine will always be more appealing than stiff professionalism. It may be tempting to fall into the safety net of corporate speak, but trust us; you don’t have to be a Twitter user to detect an impostor.

Sharing opinions and frustrations makes us unique. Yes, you may lose some people along the wayside, but ultimately the more personality you reveal and embrace, the more likely people will feel inclined to follow you.


2. Master the Art of the Hashtag

From changing the way we talk about social issues to jump-starting a marketing movement, #hashtags have entered the global vernacular. The trick is to know when to deploy the right hashtag and when to leave them out altogether.

Hashtags serve as an index tab, automatically cataloguing your post with others featuring the same hashtag. They help identify brands, recommend products and connect you with like-minded users. As an example, Marks and Spencer are encouraging its audience to live life to the fullest rather than settling for less with its #SpendItWell campaign. Plenty of people are using the hashtag to demonstrate how they make the most of their lives.

At the end of the day, a hashtag campaign pitches an idea that resonates with your base. It generates discussion, boosts visibility and fosters a community, ultimately increasing the relevancy of your brand.


3. Use Visuals to Stand Out

Humans are visual beings. After all, 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual. It’s why infographics and interactive displays attract consumers more than wordy tutorials or advertisements. It’s why we all know what’s happening in Game of Thrones despite having never read a single book in the series.

Gifs, images and short video clips are ready-made, bite-sized tweets that pair well with today’s digital appetite. Visuals are also an excellent way to quickly establish your personality—the things that interest you or upset you, or just make you laugh. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


4. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Are your thumbs tired yet? No? Keep tweeting! A sparse Twitter feed is an unseen Twitter feed. While you may think your tweets will become repetitive, your options are plentiful. You can engage your audience by retweeting or responding to any mentions you’ve received. You can poll your followers and ask for their opinion. You can post an image, link to an article or tease a larger reveal. You’re only limited by your imagination… and 140-characters.


5. Remember to Retweet

Retweeting a Twitter post is much more than simply sharing something that caught your eye. You’re directly interacting with someone else, who may in turn retweet your posts to their followers, and so on and so forth. Retweeting spreads information quickly, attracts new followers and lends a hand in viral marketing and distribution.

Don’t overlook the power of the retweet. When in doubt, browse some of your followers’ accounts and retweet something interesting, funny or newsworthy. They’ll not only appreciate the gesture; they’ll likely return the favour.


Experiment and Track Your Results

In many ways, Twitter is one of the most effective ways to quickly and easily reach your audience at any time of day. Experiment with different methods and remember to track your results. If in doubt, our advanced platform is the perfect place to start!

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